Search Engine Optimization


Organic SEO Refers To The Process Of Gaining Traffic

SEO is an art of making sure that a website gets a top of the search results with relevant keyword. This Search engine Optimization follows the search engine’s rules and it’s a free of cost. The SEO is not a night-time work to be appearing on the top position within a short time. The SEO is a systematic procedure to be appearing on the top of search engine and take a long time. There are different search engines, all search engine’s aim is displays the most relevant website in the search results. The different search engines follow different rules and algorithms to display the most relevant website. Which website follows more search engine friendly rules that website gets top position on the search engine results.


Why SEO?

According to the Google statistics, most of the online users click on the first, second and third position on the Search results. 87% of the online user referrals prefer organic search. To get the top position on the search results, the Search engine follows SEO tips and tracks, called white hat SEO techniques.

The high quality backlinks from trusted websites, regular unique content updating on the website and manual link buildings are the best example of white hat SEO techniques. Also called Ethical SEO, its focus on the online users, but not search engine.

Some website owner uses negative tricks and obeys search engine rules to get top position on the search results. These techniques are called black hat SEO, its focus on the search engine, but not people. The keyword stuffing, doorway pages, automatic link building and duplicate content are best example of black hat SEO. If a website follows long time black hat techniques, the Google may ban from the search engine.

The On-page Optimization and Off-page Optimization is the main techniques to optimize a website. To get top position on the search engine both techniques are essential for better organic SEO. A website is optimized internally during the On-page SEO, it’s possible to optimize by the website’s owner. The off page is not controlled by the website owner and optimize through out of the website. The Google use two algorithms called panda and penguin to identify the black hat techniques and ethical SEO process. The Panda is focused on the on-page SEO ranking factors and Penguin focus on Off-page SEO factors.

The Google provides the special rank to the individual web page called PageRank. The Pagerank determine a page’s relevance between o and 10. The Google give high preference to the website with related keywords. The backlinks from relevant web pages, unique optimized content and quality link building are effectively influencing the Google Pagerank.


SEO For Business:

A website is a collection of web pages having information about different type of topics. A web page is a small part of the website having relevant information about a particular topic.

Businesses are a process of economic activity and produce and distribute a product or service to the people. The people must know about the product or service before they choose it. The local people know about it through voice basis, but globally, many people don’t know about the products. Most of the people approach the internet to know about products and services.

The Search engine is a platform to know the relevant query on the Search results. The SEO service can optimize the website and business offers. Consequently, the business Reverse on Investment (ROI) can boost rapidly.

In India the Internet usage has increased rapidly and most of the online viewers find the business products and service through online. Even without a website, with the help of Local SEO attract online viewers and promote the business.

In the present computation business world, most of the small business holders and top business brands must optimize their website through SEM Service. The SEO and Pay per click are the main steps in the SEM strategy. Without Paying money get tons of traffic through online with the help of SEO service. The PPC is paid service, so that most of the small business holders approach organic SEO for permanent online traffic. The paid PPC Service not guarantees the website is relevant website, but Organic SEO guaranteed most relevant web pages. So that most of the online viewers approaches the organic SEO results.


SEO For Business:

The person’s interest always changes dynamically, similar Internet too. The SEO Company always implement knowledge on Google panda and penguin algorithm; optimize your business as search engine friendly. Most of the client’s asked “My business company need bulk of online user and converts as business leads”. To attract online users there are many techniques, SEM, PPC, email marketing, affiliate marketing, SMO and many more. Before optimizing a website, the SEO service company analyzes your business, online traffic and competitor analysis.

During the SEO process, they must optimize the SEO friendly content include images, videos and text. Google gives main preference to the links & text content. Generally search engine gives main preference when the web page having relevant content, images, videos and hidden HTML tags like Meta tags. Without high experience on Search engine optimization, it’s not easy to optimize a website.

Search engine Progress

Very few people know about keyword density, keyword proximity and other SEO factors. Most of the business owners just copying content from other’s website and promoting through online, but it’s decreasing SEO rank. The SEO Service Company submits a unique content in the website and external website to get back link.- The fresh and unique content always attracts online viewers and Search engine. Before hiring an SEO company check these qualities are available or not?

The pay per click is expensive, but attracts the tons of online users. This paid service can get instant results, but without proper experience PPC service can lose money and not increase ROI. It’s not recommended for the long period. The SEO and PPC services can boost the business revenue. The best SEO Service Company can generate online business leads from online viewers.

The SEO developers get high quality backlinks from articles, guest posts, press release, forum and many more. They must do manually and get tons of traffic through online. The professional SEO Company must focus on all above topics and boost the business revenue.

Presently most of the local business centers get more traffic through online in India. All professional branded companies get more business through online.

The majority of the online users find their products, service and solutions through the Search engine. Almost all small business companies having a website to give brief information about their company and offers. Even they are not having a website, online users attract through local SEO.

According to many surveys, most of the users approach the search engines to know the full details of the survey. The Online marketing and SEO service are growing more rapidly than traditional media (TV, Newspapers). The internet usage also increases from the last two years onwards. So SEO service gets tons of online traffic through online.